1. Not Me
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He thinks of her, when he holds me,
Someone he once loved, and I know
She didn’t care about him.

I give my love, to him only,
Something from above, yet I know,
This time, I’m not gonna win.

So tell me, if you close your eyes just right,
And play within the dark and light,
You’ll see the beauty you once held,
Not me, Not me, not me,..I see.

Sometimes I dream, there’s a valley
Somewhere far away, where it’s warm,
And the water runs clear.

They give their love, to each other,
With integrity, to the one, they’re holding so dear

The stars within my eyes tonight,
Are lit by fires burning bright,
A true love keeps them here alive,
That’s me, that’s me, that’s me,… please see.

Instrumental verse X2

The time has come, I must leave you
With your memories, and the pain,
From a love, long ago.

I know I will find, what I’ve needed,
Somewhere down the road,
And that fire, will burn once again.

So if you reach out in the dawn of light,
The truth of love now in your eyes,
You’ll see the beauty you once held,
Was me, was me, was me,…
You’ll see the beauty you once held,
Was me