I am in the full moon of my life, reflecting on my experiences so far, thus this music came to be. Thanks for sharing the journey by listening. I hope you can relate, and reflect on your own stories as well. — Blessings, Laurel

Laurel Wolfe has opened for the transcendental musical duo Tuck & Patti (Santa Cruz, CA), opened at the infamous One Step Beyond Club (San Jose, CA) for the internationally known British psychedelic rock band “Hawkwind”. One performance, a tribute to Hawkwind's "Steppenwolf" was videotaped, bootlegged underground, and played in upscale trendy Los Angeles dance clubs for several years afterwards, creating a cult following as no one knew "who" the gal was dressed as 1/2 man 1/2 wolf. Laurel has performed at the esteemed Kuumbwa Jazz Center (Santa Cruz), and rocked the house as the headliner at Don Quixote’s International Music Hall (Felton, CA). She was picked to perform an original song on the national television show “Charlie Daniels Talent Round-Up” (Nashville, TN), and a clip from her spot was used in the commercial for the rest of that season. Her award winning songs have been featured on live radio broadcasts, played at festivals, including as her folk duo "Billy & the Wolfe" at the "Redwood Mt Arts Festival" 5 consecutive wins in the ever popular singer/songwriter competition culminating with the honor of becoming a judge. "Zeldas" & NCSA hosted a 6 week music competition in which Laurel was the only artist to be nominated in 2 catagories for the Finals.  She took first in both Country with her original "Leap of Faith", & in the Jazz catagory with Michael levy's "Lucky is the Lover". Laurel's music has been featured on local Bay Area TV as well.
With 6 award winning songs under her belt to date, singer/songwriter Laurel Wolfe is back, with a new CD of original tunes. She has taken her folk roots, and gone for a new mix that includes some tasty beats to dance to…with grooving Latin percussion, Middle Eastern rhythms, to the rocking anthem, “Waken’ Up Girl” that lets her talented band mates stretch their legs. The lovely ballads are there as well. Her sultry vocals tie up the package nicely, be it for an enjoyable evening, listening in the car, or singing along in the shower as you are pumping up for your day! These songs do get into your head as they are stories we all can relate to. Laurel Wolfe has recently relocated to Portland, OR. Sign up to be notified of upcoming gigs!

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Full Moon

Laurel's latest release
is getting some

Laurel, I feel you have a bright & successful future ahead of you!

— Carlos Santana

I love this album...Laurel is one of the few in the industry today with perfect pitch. Her performances on this recording are exquisite.

— George Horn of George Horn Mastering at Fantasy Studios

I can usually tell which artist will be awarded best of the show and which artist will be crowned as the people's choice. These two designations only rarely go to the same artist, but when they are, it always goes to someone whose work breaks away from the merely well done and rises to the exceptional.

This is the pedestal on which I place your new album. It is that good.

— LizAnne Jensen

Laurel, if the world were filled with people as kind, thoughtful, and gracious as you it would be the world God created it to be. The words to your songs and the sound of your voice are magical and touching. Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us, it meant so much to me at a time that I really needed it. I am telling everyone about you and will certainly share your music for everyone to enjoy! Your CD is 5-star and impressive. God bless you and keep you in his care always.
- Abby Cade ( May 19, 2009) 

Dear Laurel, I LOVE YOUR CD! Your music radiates energy, life, and love..
- Nancy Luedicke