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Suspended in space, your body starts to move you
To this familiar place
A memory, it stills you to a point of release.
You’ll heal, you’ll have Peace.
You’re learning to unwind.

Someone is there. You feel his hands upon you
As you move through the air.
A wall of sorrow bound you, ‘til you melt into tears.
Release all your fears.
You’re learning to unwind.

Shifting and turning, your body is yearning
To be free now at last, though these binds hold you fast.
And the “old” seems so real, now you go there and feel,
Where the pain used to be.
You can truly be free.

Now here I stand, a light of gold surrounds me
And it flows through my hands.
A gentle Peace has found me, now I turn here to you
The next one to move…
We’re learning to unwind.